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How To Sex Your Plants

1) Grow seedling using a 20-24 hr vegetative light Cycle until the second set of true leaves form, also the stem begins to swell at this time.

2) place plant ready for sexing under 12/12 (flower) light cycle to begin flowering. 

3) In about 7-14 days the plants will start to show flowers, The males usually show first and can be identified by the Staminate flowers forming. (BELOW)

4) Females can be identified by the pistil or hairs it produces when flowers form. It is important to identify as soon as possible to re-vegetate. (BELOW)

5)Transplant as soon as you can identify into larger pot. add nitrogen to potting soil and also use a nitrogen or grow liquid fertilizer to encourage vegetative growth. Place plant back in a 20-24 hr Vegetative light cycle. After about 10-14 days the plants will switch back to vegetative growth and the flowers that were forming will begin to stretch and the plant will start to veg grow again. pruning can be done to remove the old flower as the plant re grows. 

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