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Planting Site Preparation

1) Choose an open area in full sun to make your planting site. Dig a hole to the size of the planter you are making or to the size of the hole you are filling with soil. Dig hole for planter about 12" Deep. If using only a hole dig hole 18" deep.

2) To make a Planter use a 24" wire fence and make a circle, place inside of hole. use a fabric mulch or weed screen and line the inside with the fabric and fold over the outside.

3) Fill Planters with "Basic Planting Mix". Make sure to space your planters far enough apart for a seasons growth. You are now ready to plant your seedlings, clones or plants.

4) Use stakes and 6" trellis netting to support branches and later support the weight of the flowers. Make sure to keep watered and use supplemental liquid fertilizers.

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