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Germination Guide

1) Cut a paper plate in half and fold and crease in half again. Fold 1 full sheet of paper towel and moisten thoroughly, place inside of folded half paper plate.

2) Place seeds on bottom half of wet paper towel.

3) Fold paper towel and gently press.

4) Close top of paper plate and place inside of zip-loc bag.

5) Do not close zip-loc bag, leave open, place in a dark warm area (65-75 degrees f), check after 36-48 hours, Replace paper plate, paper towel and zip-loc bag every 3 days if necessary.

6) Check for germination and root emergence. germination usually takes place in 36-48 hrs, but some seeds can take several days to  germinate.

8) Prepare and moisten potting soil, use a small skewer or golf tee to make a small hole in soil. 

9) Carefully place seed with root facing "down" in hole, you may need to adjust hole depth to size and length of seed root, place seed just below soil and gently cover, be sure not to damage root. lightly water.

10) Seedling will emerge in 24-48 hrs

11) Do not over water, feel weight of pot to check for the need of watering

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