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Basic Planting Mix

Mix Equal parts each to fill one wheelbarrow

1) Pro-Mix growing medium or basic potting mix

2) Happy Frog- soil conditioner

3) Fox Farm- Ocean forest planting mix or Strawberry fields 

* Worm castings add a generous amount about 1/2 cu. ft.

Soil amendments- (Espoma Organic) add 1 Generous Cup of each per 3-6 cu. Ft. or 1 wheelbarrow full.

1) Green Sand

2) Rock Phosphate

3) Bat Guano

4) Blood Meal

5) Bone Meal

Planting InstructionsUse pots, planters or holes at least 24-30” Wide x 18” Deep. Enough to hold about 6-8 cu.ft. of soil each, larger planters up to 6' around will provide the ability to produce the largest plants, using holes or bottomless planters gives access the minerals in the native soil at the bottom of the plant site.

Place in full sun at least 6-10hrs of direct sunlight per day

Liquid additives

1) Advanced Nutrients Organic Product line

2) Bush Doctor- Wholly Mackerel 

1) Neptunes- Fish and Seaweed fertilizer 

2) Fox Farm –Big Bloom 

3) Maxi-crop- Water soluble seaweed powder 


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